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red-hot hammer. His hand would never be the same. The best he could hope for
was to save the fingers, which surely would never bend properly again. The
smoke wafted away with the hot late-afternoon wind, and Abdullah came into
view fifteen feet to Mac's left. The young man rested on his knees, turban
unwound, face tight with fear and fatigue. His right thigh bore a deep red
wound. He pointed into the distance.
 They're still here, he said.
Mac had had only the briefest glimpse of the phantasmagoric cavalry of
frightful men and beasts when Abdullah tried to avoid them in the sky. Now a
legion mustered a hundred feet past the runway, snorting smoke and fire and
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sulfur, snake tails striking and snapping at victims who couldn't see them.
In their wake, the leonine steeds left bodies. Some jerked spastically before
freezing in macabre repose. Others writhed ablaze until death brought relief.
Or so they thought, Mac mused. In truth, the victims passed from one flame to
another. One of
the phony dignitaries ran top speed down the runway. The other two lay dead
near the plane, close enough to have killed Mac with their next shots.
Even from behind and far away, Mac found the horsemen and their mounts
dreadful. They hovered inches off the ground but galloped, trotted, stepped,
and reared like physical horses. Their riders urged them on, stampeding
people, buildings, vehicles, wreaking destruction.
The thick, swarthy Leon Fortunato appeared out of the haze, having rolled
Mac. He grabbed Mac's face in both hands, and Mac nearly screamed from the
pain on one side.  You saved my life, Mac! Leon cried.  You protected me with
your own body! Were you hit?
 Twice, Mac said. He pulled back so Leon's hands slipped away. Mac pointed to
the horses.  What do you see over there?
 Carnage, Leon said, squinting.  Fire, smoke. And what's that awful smell,
like in the plane earlier? Agh!
 We need to get away from the plane, Mac said. Flames poured out the windows.
 The beautiful Condor, Leon said.  His Excellency's pride and joy.
 Do you want to pull Clancy's body out of the way? Mac said.
Leon struggled to his feet and staggered, trying to gain his balance.  No, he
said, regaining his voice.  The world is short of graves. We would only
cremate him anyway. Let this fire do it.
Leon turned slowly in a circle.  I thought we were dead, he said.  What
 You prayed.
 Excuse me?
 You asked God to help you, Mac said.
 I consider myself religious.
 I'm sure you do. God must have answered.
 Why did the attackers stop shooting?
Mac winced, wishing they had stopped sooner.  How can we know? One ran. The
other two haven't moved.
Leon and Mac got on either side of Abdullah and slowly walked him toward the
It was not lost on Rayford, the privilege of having the first look at a
message millions around the globe anticipated. Tsion had written:
My dear brothers and sisters in Christ:
I come to you today with a heavy heart, which is, of course, nothing new
during this period of history. While the 144,000 evangelists raised up by God
are seeing millions come to Christ, the one-world religion continues to become
more powerful and" must say it" odious. Preach it from the mountaintops
I more
and into the valleys, my beloved siblings: There is one God and one Mediator
between God and man, the
Man Christ Jesus.
The deadly demon locusts prophesied in Revelation 9 died out en masse more
than half a year ago, having tortured millions. But many bitten during the
last month of that plague only stopped serving their sentences of agony three
months ago.
While many have come to faith after being convinced by that horrible judgment,
most have become even more set in their ways. It should have been obvious to
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the leader of the Enigma Babylon One World Faith that devotees of that
religion suffered everywhere in the world. But we followers of Christ, the
so-called dissidents" were
enemies of tolerance and inclusion" spared.
Our beloved preachers in Jerusalem, despite heinous opposition and
persecution, continue to prophesy and win converts to Christ in that formerly
holy city that now must be compared to Egypt and Sodom. So we have that for
which to be thankful in this time of worsening turmoil.
But by now you know that the sixth Trumpet Judgment, the second woe
9), has begun. Apparently I correctly assumed that the 200 million horsemen
are spiritual and not physical beings but was wrong to speculate they would
thus be invisible. People I know and trust have seen these beings kill by fire
and smoke and sulfur as the Scripture predicts. Yet unbelievers charge we are
making this up and only claiming to see things they themselves cannot.
That this current plague was wrought by the releasing of four angels bound in
Euphrates River should be instructive. We know that these are fallen angels,
because nowhere in Scripture do we ever see good angels bound. These have
apparently been bound because they were eager to wreak havoc upon the earth.
Now, released, they are free to do so. In fact, the Bible tells us they were
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