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for him. He gently sucked on my tongue as I moaned into his mouth.
Two fingers sank into me as his thumb created circles around my clit. I could feel them rubbing and
stroking me, moving in and out. My core clenched as his fingers slid deep into my soaked pussy. As I
was just on the brink of coming, Brandon stopped moving his fingers.
 Don t stop, I whispered.
 I know, Baby, but I need you to come around my tongue.
 Oh& oh! Brandon s mouth was between my legs.
The heat from his mouth sent shivers up my body as his tongue dipped deep inside. I gripped the
comforter as his tongue licked a path from the bottom of my pussy all the way back to my clit and then
added pressure on my clit.
He increased his pace as his tongue dipped inside me again. My body clenched building up to an
orgasm. His thumb circled my clit as his tongue deepened. I couldn t resist the pleasure anymore as
my pussy clenched around his tongue as I screamed God and his name together. Sorry, Ryan!
I giggled as I realized that Ryan and Max had more than likely heard me.
 It s not really good for my ego if you laugh after I just went down on you, Babe.
I couldn t help laughing again at his slightly disgruntled expression.  Oh no, it was great. More than
great actually. But just before you got here, Ryan told me that she has heard us before and then you
made me just scream your name.
 Oh& I forgot they were here.
 It s okay, I have heard them plenty of times. We will probably hear them in a minute.
 Happy birthday, Baby!
I looked at the clock and it was 12:01 a.m.
 Thank you! I said as he leaned down and kissed me.
 I know we had planned to go to Santa Cruz today, but I was hoping that maybe we could just get
away together  just you and me. After all of Christy s bullshit, I just want to be locked in a hotel
room with you.
 Oh, I like the sound of that!
 You think Ryan would mind?
 I don t think so. I mean, she and Max are back together now so I m sure they would enjoy some
alone time. Plus I can do something Sunday night with her& . Where were you thinking?
 I don t know& maybe& . Pebble Beach?
 Oh, I have never been. That sounds perfect!
We arrived in Pebble Beach around noon. Brandon had made reservations at The Inn at Spanish Bay.
 Checking in for Montgomery, Brandon said as we approached the Front Desk of the hotel.
 Yes, Mr. Montgomery, we have you checking in to an ocean view room for one evening.
 Yes, that is correct.
I glanced around the lobby as Brandon was checking in, taking in my surroundings. There were a few
people relaxing on the gold colored couches that sat across from an unlit fireplace.
 Would you and Mrs. Montgomery like one or two keys? Mrs. Montgomery? I stopped looking
around and turned my attention to Brandon, curious how he would react to the clerk s assumption that
I was his wife.
Brandon turned and looked at me while winking.  Two please.
The clerk handed us our keys while Brandon grabbed my hand, tucking it around his arm.  Well come
along, Mrs. Montgomery. I blushed at his comment.
Our room had a spectacular view of the ocean. We had a balcony we could sit on which overlooked
the golf course as it lined the coast. It was breathtaking. While looking out the sliding door to the
balcony, Brandon came up and wrapped his arms behind me as he kissed my neck. What do you
want to do first, Birthday Girl?
 I just want to relax and enjoy this view for a while.
 Okay, why don t we order room service for lunch and then tonight we can go to dinner for your
 Sounds good to me.
I really didn t care. All I needed was here in this room. We ordered room service and opened a bottle
of champagne that we picked up on the way to Pebble Beach. This was already turning out to be one
of the best birthdays I have ever had. Despite recent events.
 Do you want to open your gifts now or later?
 I have presents? I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.
 Of course, it is your birthday...here this is your small gift, he said as he pulled a long velvet box out
of his duffel bag.
 Jewelry is a small gift?
 Just open it, Spencer.
I slowly lifted the lid. Jewelry was a huge step. I knew we loved each other but&  A key? Okay,
this was not what I was expecting.
 It s a key to my condo.
 Yep, I want you to come over whenever you want even if I am not home... even when I am out of
 Wow, thank you! I had never been given a key to a guy s place before. Trav Ass was my only
serious boyfriend since college. He was apparently so wrapped up in himself and Misty that he never
wanted me to be unannounced. Come to think of it, I never really spent much time at his place.
 That s not all& here. Brandon pulled a big silver bag out of his bag that had white tissue paper
stuffed in it to hide the present.  Sorry about the wrapping. I m a guy.
 Aw it s okay. I smiled at him.
While removing the tissue paper, I noticed a light brown, almost beige leather strap. Finally removing
all of the tissue paper my breath caught when I noticed the famous monograms that lined the whole
canvas material.
 Oh. My. God. You bought me a Louis? Oh my God  oh my God  oh my God! Now I really was
giddy. I was jumping up and down, not hiding my enthusiasm.
 I did, he said with a wink. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]