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that he could recognize most drugs and potions that healers employed. However,
he had never seen anything like that before. Finn started to ask what it was
and then held back, knowing that they all tended to have their little secret
recipes, and Baroucha would probably bite his head off for asking.
Baroucha roused Kynyr, supported his head, and put the glass to his lips.
"Drink this and there will be no more pain."
Kynyr had taken only a few swallows when the door slammed open. Golden light
struck the glass and the contents vaporized. Baroucha yelped, dropped the
glass, and spun around.
A tiny, blonde bitch stood in the doorway snarling. "Get away from my
grandcub, Baroucha, or I'll rip your throat out!"
Baroucha edged away from the bed, glanced back, and saw that she had left the
bottle and her satchel behind her.
She turned to get them.
Serpent's Quest [Lycan Blood Vol. I]
by Janrae Frank
"Grab her things, Finn." Cahira stalked toward Baroucha, shaking with rage;
and although Baroucha had six inches and forty pounds on Cahira, the larger
bitch retreated.
Finn lunged across the room, grabbed the bottle and the satchel.
"If that's what I think it is, I'm going to dice you up for stew meat."
Cahira extended her hand and Finn placed the bottle in it.
She unstoppered it, sniffed and the flush deepened to crimson across her face.
Her eyes hardened. "The Gentle Path. What
... in the name of all that's holy ... did you bloody well think you were
"A mercy. The blade's runed silver."
"You? A mercy? Not bloody likely."
Baroucha's expression when suddenly sly. "I Read him.
He's Tarrant's."
"Grandson. Tell anyone and you'll wish you were dead."
Seeing Cahira like this, Finn wished he could crawl under the bed and hide.
"Get out of here, Baroucha. Once I've tended him, I'm coming to visit you."
Baroucha fled.
Finn set Baroucha's satchel down and stared at the bottle.
"What is that stuff?"
Cahira put her case on the nightstand and shrugged out of the straps of her
satchels. "Close the door and sit down."
Finn obeyed with alacrity.
"How much of that did she get into him?"
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Serpent's Quest [Lycan Blood Vol. I]
by Janrae Frank
"Not much. I think. I mean, I really couldn't see around her." Finn's Adam's
apple bobbed nervously. Only Cahira had that effect on him. "What is it?"
"Euthanasia drug." She picked up the knife and turned it in her hands. "Idiot.
The runes are etched but not charged. This is dead silver, not living silver."
Cahira returned the blade to the nightstand, and turned to find a chair so
that she could comfortably Read Kynyr.
Finn leaped up, brought her one, and then retreated back to his corner.
She removed the bandage on the blade wound, eased her fingers into it, and
sang softly. A golden light sprang up around the wound. Cahira drew her
fingers out a fraction at a time, continuing to sing. When she finished, the
light faded and she wiped her fingers on a bit of cloth. "He'll live."
"You healed him?"
Cahira shook her head and Finn could see how tired she looked. "I mended him.
He'll need rest ... a few weeks at least."
Finn sucked in a breath. "What she said about Tarrant..."
"Don't tell anyone."
"But if he's a Redhand "
Cahira rose and went to Finn, placing her fingers on his lips. "Hush. Don't
tell anyone."
"But why not?"
"It's a long story. I don't have the energy to tell it. But I
suppose you deserve to know, considering how you've stood by him."
Finn nodded. "Is that a promise?"
Serpent's Quest [Lycan Blood Vol. I]
by Janrae Frank
Cahira smiled, weary and fond. "Yes, Finn. It's a promise."
* * * *
Todd and his sons pulled three of the four chairs in the ante-chamber close to
the bedroom door and settled into them.
The bedroom door opened and Baroucha ran out. The door closed behind her. She
stopped short in the middle, turned and stared at him. "Todd..."
He put his pipe down and got to his feet. "Baroucha."
She shrank away from him. "Don't touch me."
"Don't give me a reason."
Baroucha spun and fled into the hallway.
Trevor exchanged a glance with his brother. "Is she the one that hurt Mom?"
Todd nodded, resumed his place, and relit his pipe.
"What was she doing in there?" asked Queran.
Todd shrugged. "We'll know soon enough."
A grizzled old wolf stalked in and stared at them. "Todd
Sinclair! I heard you were dead."
Todd took his pipe from his mouth and gestured at Claw with the stem.
"Chieftain. People get funny notions." He took another draw from his pipe.
"Mostly from rumor and gossip."
Claw dragged the fourth chair close and sat down. "Kissie!"
The nibari appeared in the doorway. "Yes, Master Claw?"
"Whiskey and four glasses."
Kissie left and the four myn looked at each other for a moment.
Serpent's Quest [Lycan Blood Vol. I]
by Janrae Frank
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Claw studied Trevor and Queran. "Your boys, Todd?"
The Battle-Clan armsmaster turned farmer gave a slow nod, pointing to each in
turn. "Trevor. Queran. I got two more back home. Branduff's my oldest. Then
Trevor, Queran, and
Jordy. Gotta daughter too. High tempered little bitch just like her mother.
Lilybeth. Cahira's given me five strong cubs." [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]