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Page No 53
Cat eased from his from his side and watc hed the slow rise a nd fall of his
and his relaxed almost boyish expression. She' d give anything to be able to
scan his
thoughts for a glimpse into the inner workings of his being.
"Maybe next life," a voice echoed in her head.
* * * *
"What a crush, you've done it again, Cat, congratulations. I guess this
another bonus." Her boss, Greg, sent her a broad smile, clearly pleased. He
moved on,
shmoozing the crowd and shaking hands. It's what he seemed to do best, and
he should
be pleased; they would turn a very substant ial profit considering the
attendance. Zorroc,
due to arrive at any mome nt, would be pleased, as well, she thought. Many
attractive women prowled the area looking for their very own alien.
"Purr" sounded softly behind her ear as arms reached around to draw her to
She snuggled into him comfortably, becomi ng more accustomed to his touch.
started out foreign and awkw ard, only the week before, now made her feel
safe and
connected. She turned to face him, putting her small hand in his.
"Have your people arrived?" she asked quietly.
"They will start mingling with the crowd in your next ha lf hour. All is
He faltered. "I have not thanked you for all you have done for us. We would
prevailed eventually, but you have made an immeasurable difference in timing
and the
quality of the women. I am in your debt." He nodded his head in cat fashion.
He'd never
thanked her before; she was touched.
"I require no debt, I would always help you if within my pow er to do so,"
responded, trying to emulate hi s more formal speech pattern. He must have
because his eyes emitted a strong amber pulse . Yep, he was a happy
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space-hopper. He
left her staring after him, not quite knowing what had hit her.
Seven hours later, her face hurt from sm iling, her head and feet pounded
staccato precision, and her back throbbed. The day had produced
record-breaking crowds
and two remaining days of endless torture loomed ahead. She longed for a
quiet corner in
which to hide. With waning patience and gr owing malaise, she d looked on as
left the main auditorium with one beau tiful woman after anot her probably
them personally for suitability purposes. He couldn't have had many
interactions with
earth females previously; maybe he'd meet someone he preferred over her.
Page No 54
Lil Gibson
probably just been an appetizer to prepare him for the main course. Then she
the bright side; did she really want to go to another planet as a baby-making
* * * *
"How much of the operation is she familiar w ith? It will be difficult to
hide what
we are doing from her, especially you, my fr iend," Prolinc queried, trying to
read behind
Zorroc's still countenance.
They had planned to approach willing females, first to determine marital and
family status then measure their willingness and controllability. Th ey
targeted females
who lived alone with no close family members and were sexually active, so
their absence
would not be noted for some time. Women accustomed to disappearing for days
at a
time, enjoying a new partner.
They tested their plan that morni ng and it had succeeded beyond their
hope. Easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Gattonians subliminally
shouted 'wet dream'
to earth females. Like lures in a crowded s ea of starving fish, they could
not wait to be
caught. It had taken no effort. They had more trouble fighting them off
than catching
them. Prolinc had not initially planned to collect females on the first day,
but several
insisted on accompanying them as they took th eir leave. A total of
twenty-three, now
slumbered peacefully in their ship's hold, not to be awakened until they left
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atmosphere and their final plans solidified. Zorroc checked the time and
smiled, they still
had more than an hour before closing.
"Cat believes what I have told her." Zorroc shrugged. "We will meet
females and invite them to a private assembly that researches UFO sightings.
supposedly, have information all but proving their existence and will share
our findings at
the meeting. She believes we will then make our needs known, and enlist
those who are
willing. Cat scheduled it for Sunday at the conclusion of the convention.
The center will
still be available for our use." [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]