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 No, no favorites in a mating but I do want you to claim me like you did Bay when you re ready. You
know, if you wanted, or whatever, that is. I smiled at how nervous he sounded as if I d say no.
But then again, he didn t know how I d truly forgiven them all in my heart after my talk with Bay. So
to him, I might really say no.
 I d love to, I whispered against his lips before kissing him.  I would have earlier but the wrong
side was facing you to bite you, sweetie.
 Yeah, but it was fun, he growled as he groped me through my shorts.
 That it was. I laughed at the pout he gave me when I moved away and headed to the back door. I
had a feeling my men were insatiable and I would enjoy every second of it.
I went in search of Harkin, surprised that he hadn t gone with us to check on the pups. I got my answer
when I knocked on his door and it swung open.
 Are you ready for my groveling? he asked in husky tone. I nodded as I stared at what he had on the
bed.  How much have you ever played before, baby?
 They fucked me, that was it. They didn t stretch me or tease me. It was just sex. That s why I was so
shocked that my old Alpha freaked out and declared his love for me before trying to kill me. He d
never shown any signs of that or even hinted that he gave two shits about me. Hell, he d even hid it
from my powers, locking it somewhere deep inside of him.
 Hey, that s all over now. I didn t mean to bring up bad memories, he said gently as he pulled me
into his arms. I snuggled into his embrace, his massive frame making me feel other things than simply
 No, I m okay. It s good you guys know what I went through otherwise we could have more issues
like before.
 You re right, but I just didn t want to ruin the mood. I want you smiling and playful. I want to take
you places you ve never been before and see what you like.
 Okay, I squeaked as he kicked the door closed. He lifted me up and tossed me on the bed as if I
weighed nothing. I let out an unmanly yelp as I bounced on his bed a few times.  What now?
 Now you get naked and we see what you like, he growled. I shivered at the lust that was pointed in
my direction and quickly started yanking off my clothes.  The restraints are the kind you can easily get
out of yourself so it s not about keeping you hostage but merely that you don t have to worry about
anything other than feeling every moment of pleasure.
 I can do that. I swallowed loudly as I held my hands up over, giving him permission to tie me down
without words. He kissed up my body as he reached overhead and fastened my wrists in the padded
restraints. Then he mashed his mouth to mine. I whimpered when I went to throw my arms around his
neck and I couldn t.
 Now you understand the fun and restraint you must have to play the game.
 What if I don t like the game? I asked quietly as he moved to sit back on his feet. His gaze met mine
and he smiled.
 The game stops and we play a new one. You re not my prisoner, baby. We re playing together and if
you don t like it then we try something else. I hope you will be vocal and let me know everything
you re feeling. It s part of the fun.
 I can do that.
He lifted my leg and threw it over his shoulder as he reached for the bottle of lube he had lined up on
the bed next to a bunch of toys. The fun kind of toys that were in no way suitable for children. The
kind that were made to please and I looked forward to trying every one of them with one of the men I
was giving my heart to.
Harkin pushed in a finger, smiling when I was still partially stretched from my fun with Levey a few
hours earlier.  Then I guess we can move right on to the toys.
 Okay, I squeaked again. He grabbed the smallest dildo he had and pushed it into my ass after he
pulled his finger out of my hole. I moaned as he thrust it into me, slowly at first but then faster as his
other hand moved to my cock. He had built the anticipation and excitement so much that I blew in
moments. I cried out his name as my cum shot all over his hand and my stomach.
 Was it as good as it looked? he asked as he pulled the dildo out of me.
 Oh yeah, I gasped, my eyes practically rolling back into my head. I d never had this much fun in one
day. Maybe I d had this much sex, but never this much fun. It was tiring when the sex was kick-ass.
 Wonderful, because we re just getting started. My eyes snapped to his and I saw a feral smile cross
his lips.
He was good to his word, giving me three more orgasms before the night was out. And then so was I.
Chapter 8
The next few days were interesting to say the least. Tristan hung around, not wanting to lead
whoever was following him back to his men and pack. The moment he returned with all those guards [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]