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 Aren t you going to break it up? Kline asked
with a small chuckle.
 In a moment. Right now it s providing for a
convenient distraction.
Kline tilted his head to the side.  And what
might that be?
 To get some alone time with you.
 Why? Did I do something wrong? Am I not
doing my job well enough? Kline asked, serious
all of a sudden.
Zaid moved in a couple of steps, so they were
even closer.  What makes you think that would be
the only reason that I would want to be alone with
 Well, have you looked lately? Kline pointed
at himself.  I m scrawny and an Omega and
you re& .you!
Zaid took even more steps forward, until Kline
had no choice but to backtrack until he was flush
against the wall. Zaid had Kline nice and pinned
in, and a primal part of him just loved that.
In Plain Sight
Without even thinking about it, Zaid leaned
forward and buried his nose in the nape of Kline s
neck. What Zaid found there nearly made him lose
control. Not only was there the usual sweet smell
of Kline, but there was also the underlying scent of
desire. Kline may be trembling all right, but it
wasn t from fear far from it. He liked what was
going down. What s more, Zaid was willing to bet
that his little Omega wanted some more.
 We really shouldn t be doing this, Kline
protested, even as his body went pliant against
Zaid let out a dark laugh, relishing in the way
that Kline s thin form molded itself into Zaid s
more muscular one. It was as if they had been
built for one another. In fact, a tiny, crazy part of
Zaid s brain couldn t help but wonder if they
were. Otherwise, why would he be taking time out
to play when he had Obsidian so close within his
grasp? That s all he should be thinking about. Not
about if there was a more secluded spot where he
could be taking Kline so they could get really
Zaid began to nuzzle the spot on Kline s throat,
giving it little love bites and kisses. Had it been a
bit lighter, the others would have seen the marks
he d left behind for sure, but since they were in the
dark, Zaid figured they were safe enough.
Stephani Hecht
Kline let out a muffled sound that may have
been a groan. Zaid couldn t be for sure and, at that
point, he found that he really didn t care. He was
too preoccupied by the feeling of Kline s hard,
thick cock rubbing against his thigh.
God, what Zaid would have done at that
moment to reach down between them, unzip
Kline s pants, reach in and wrap his fingers
around that dick. If it was half as big as it felt, then
Zaid knew he would be in for a treat.
Kline splayed his hands over Zaid s chest and
that was all the invitation Zaid needed. He
transferred his mouth to Kline s lips and crushed
them together in a heated kiss. Damn if it wasn t
the best one that Zaid had ever experienced.
Kline had a lot of heat to him, but there was just
a touch of innocence that made Zaid want to roar
with delight. It let him know that Kline wasn t that
experienced and that Zaid was probably one of the
first& if not the first to taste those tempting lips. In
fact, Kline was so inexperienced that Zaid had to
reach up and pull down on the Wolf s chin to urge
him to open up his mouth. Once Kline did, Zaid
wasted no time, sliding his tongue inside to taste
the sweet nectar that lay within.
 Holy shit! Zaid is mauling the Omega and not
in a kill and destroy way, either, Tad s voice cut
In Plain Sight
Zaid let out a frustrated growl when he felt
Kline stiffed under him and began to try and pull
away. Tad was so going to pay for that. Zaid
didn t know how, he didn t know when, but he d
find a way to get the Beta back for ruining what
had to be one of the best moments in Zaid s life.
Zaid pulled away from Kline, to find the rest of
the group staring at them with wide looks. If he
hadn t been so jacked up at the moment, Zaid
would have been tempted to ask them if they had
never seen two men kiss before.
 Okay, enough staring. Let s get through this
latest trap. We still have some ground to cover
before we have to find some place to set up
camp, Zaid said, glowering at the team.
At least he must have still looked intimidating
enough, because they all hurried to get into
formation. With Kline leading the way, they were
easily able to avoid the triggers. Except for Tad,
who was bringing up the rear.
He must have hit it with the back of his foot,
but he still triggered it. Their only warning was a
loud click. Alek reached out and pulled Tad close
to him right before a barrage of arrows came
flying out, right in the direction of where Tad had
been moments before.
Tad clung to Alek for a few moments before he
seemed to realize what he was doing. He shoved
Stephani Hecht
himself away and said,  Thanks for saving me, but
you didn t need to grope me afterwards.
Alek rolled his eyes.  You wish. The day I
willingly touch you in that kind of way is the day
that they should take me in to have my head
As Alek stormed off, Zaid rubbed his hand over
his face. Just what he needed, another
complication. They hadn t even finished the first
day of their mission and he was beginning to
wonder if they were going to kill each other off
before Obsidian even got the chance.
In Plain Sight
Chapter Seven
he next two days were a monotonous routine
for Kline. They kept trudging deeper into the
tunnels, he d find another trap, lead the team
through it, and then they d move on to the next
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