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demanding when it comes to mating. Being separated from
me has brought it on." A smile spread across his face. "This
also tells me that you truly are my mate. Only between mates
does the urge to mate become so strong."
"Too much talking and not enough driving, Beowulf."
Chuckling, Beowulf rounded a corner at almost full speed
as he raced toward the gated drive to his house. Pushing a
button on his key ring, the gates swung open. Beowulf raced
through it and brought the car to a screeching halt in front of
the large house. Turning the car off, he jumped out. Beyond
caring who might see them, Roxie launched herself at
Picking Roxie up off her feet, Beowulf held her against his
chest as he fumbled with his keys trying to unlock the front
door. Moaning, he finally managed to open the door as Roxie
scraped her teeth against his throat. Kicking the door shut, he
lifted her higher and fastened his mouth to hers.
Once up the stairs, he walked them both right into the
shower. Turning on the water, he let her slide down the
Beowulf and Roxie
by Marisa Chenery
length of his body. Roxie took hold of his shirt and ripped it
down the middle before she peeled it off Beowulf's body. He
hissed as the warm water hit his wounds. Undoing his pants,
she slid them down his legs. Beowulf kicked them aside.
Unable to tear her gaze away from his fully engorged cock,
Roxie pulled off her clothes and threw them into the corner of
the shower. Lifting her eyes, she found him staring at her
body with need written on the hard planes of his face. Picking
up the soap, she gently began to clean his wounds.
Each bite or claw mark she laved with her tongue after
washing it with the soap. Beowulf shuddered under her loving
ministration. By the time she finished attending to his many
wounds, they were both shaking with need. Turning off the
shower, Roxie took Beowulf by the hand and led him out of
the shower. She towel dried them both off, making sure to
give his manhood extra attention.
Both unable to wait any longer, Beowulf took the towel
from Roxie and put it on the bathroom counter. Picking her
up, he sat her on it, stepped between her legs and sheathed
his hard cock inside her to the hilt. They both groaned with
Wrapping her legs around his waist, Roxie placed her
hands on his shoulders as he rocked into her. The feel of his
shaft sliding in and out of her body was almost too much.
Looking down, she watched Beowulf pump into her slick
opening. Tightening her inner muscles around him, Roxie felt
her release edging ever closer. When she reached her peak,
she lifted her head and bit the side of Beowulf's neck. Holding
Beowulf and Roxie
by Marisa Chenery
onto her hips, he increased his pace, sending them both into
an intense orgasm.
Panting, Beowulf kissed her lovingly. "I missed you, Roxie.
And I do love you."
She smiled at him. "I know you do. Now show me again
how much you love me."
"With pleasure."
Keeping their bodies joined, Beowulf took Roxie into the
bedroom. With his cock still hard and buried deep within her,
Roxie's body quickly became aroused once more. Wanting to
be on top, she rolled him onto his back when he got them on
the bed.
Sitting up, Roxie slowly rode him. Arching her back, she
angled her hips so she could rub her clit along his hard shaft.
He was in so deep the head of his cock hit her womb with
each stroke in. Beowulf stared up at her and placed his hands
on her full breasts. With thumb and forefinger, he plucked at
her peaked nipples. Roxie moaned but found it wasn't
enough. Leaning forward, she offered him her breast.
Cupping it in his large hand, he swirled his tongue around her
nipple before opening his mouth and sucking it deep inside.
With each pull of his mouth, Roxie felt her inner walls
clench. Grinding her hips into Beowulf's, she increased her
pace. His cock swelled even more inside her. She knew she
was close, but Beowulf stilled her movements by holding onto
her hips. Releasing her nipple, he lifted her off him and
flipped her onto her stomach. Knowing what he wanted, Roxie
got up on her hands and knees.
Beowulf and Roxie
by Marisa Chenery
Coming up behind her, Beowulf stroked her bottom as he
ran his wet tongue down the curve of her spine. Pushing
back, she tried to impale herself on his hard cock, but he
shifted out of reach.
"Not yet, Roxie. I want your need to be so great that when
I put my cock inside you, you'll be screaming with your
release." [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]