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and untwisting in the sheets.
 Why the hell do you think we've been getting it on so much, you idiot?
Trying to get you worked up is like pulling goddamned teeth. I thought we'd
never get you horny.
 I've been  Aaron's eyes rolled as Dane pushed in and smiled.  Son of a
bitch you're big.
 Too much?
 Fuck no, he spat out.  Keep going.
 Finish your thought, Dane prodded, interested in whatever Aaron had to
64 Annmarie McKenna
 Always& hard& around you& two.
Dane pulled back and thrust back in. Aaron's hole was incredibly tight,
squeezing Dane's cock until his eyes crossed.  All you had to do was ask,
Aaron. One, or both, of us would have taken care of you.
Aaron jerked his head up and glared at him.  Shut up already and fuck
 Gladly. He took hold of Aaron's cock and pumped him in time with his
rhythm. Both of them were sweating in no time, their bodies quivering or rigid
in sync.
Dane took hold of Aaron's hip, his climax coming quick. He wished they
were skin to skin instead of separated by latex. He wanted to feel the heat of
Aaron's tunnel against his length with no barrier.
 I'm gonna come again.
 Good. Dane grinned down at Aaron's face, his racer's lean body, his
nipples hardened in passion.  Me too. A few more strokes&
A drop of sweat dripped from his brow to land on Aaron's abdomen, and
something inside him detonated. He shoved deep one last time, and his orgasm
rushed through him, filling the condom. At the same moment, Aaron climaxed,
sticky white cum spurting out over Dane's hand to land on Aaron's stomach.
Jesus it had been a long time since Dane had come so quickly. He was
usually much more controlled. Just went to show how much he wanted Aaron.
 Oh Christ. Aaron's spine arched, his good thigh straightened and jerked
against Dane.  Cramp. Cramp.
 Shit. Dane pulled out of Aaron's exquisite ass.  Where?
 Hip, Aaron cried, his face contorted as he groped for the space above his
bad leg.
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Dane pushed his hand away and massaged the area, immediately finding
the knot of muscle and gently working it out.
 How's that for loserdom? Aaron's teeth were grinding.
Dane laughed.  More like lack of use. Your body's not used to such
rigorous activity.
 Jesus. From Ironman to incapable of getting through sex. I feel like I'm
Dane leaned over and kissed him.  If you still look like this when you're
eighty, I will be one happy man.
Both of them caught their breath, then stared at each other for an
immeasurable amount of time.
Finally Dane spoke.  Yes, I said that out loud.
 'Kay. Just making sure.
 Think that made my intentions more than clear?
 Hip better?
 Great. Dane kissed him. Buried a hand in his scruffy hair and held him,
took what he wanted, and delighted when Aaron's hands came up to link
behind Dane's neck.
66 Annmarie McKenna
Chapter Twelve
Garrett pushed Aaron's head down and rubbed his shoulders.  It's just
water, man. Waves, surf, salt, a few jellyfish, maybe a shark, some sand.
 And death.
 Nah. Not here. Hasn't been anyone eaten in a few decades, I don't think.
 Not& talking& about sharks. Aaron's gasps of breath were starting to
scare Garrett.
He had shoved Aaron in the car and driven to his and Dane's favorite
beach spot, not giving him any choice in the matter. When he'd gotten home
the night before, he'd found Dane spooned around Aaron's slimmer form, both
of them dead asleep. Instead of feeling the jealous rage any other guy might
have felt at finding his lover in bed with another man, he only felt sadness at
having missed all the action. He'd stripped down and carefully maneuvered
himself into bed next to Aaron, avoiding his bad leg.
They'd woken up face-to-face, with Dane already up and out for his jog.
With a bit of awkwardness, they'd managed to suck each other off in a sixty-
nine position. Dane had been right. Aaron tasted mighty fine. And had left him
needing more than a quickie BJ.
 Gotta get your feet wet again, right? That's what you came here for? I've
never met David  now there was the jealousy, because Garrett hadn't even
met the man, but he knew David still held a big part of Aaron's heart, a part
Garrett was positive would never belong to anyone else  but do you honestly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]